CCGR.NET was founded to help offset the dedicated server costs for ChristCenteredGamer.  We have secured the server and we’re very happy with it’s performance.  We’re confident that you will be too.  We’re looking to host enough sites to offset the hosting expenses while keeping the server performance optimal.  We have designed a couple of low cost hosting plans worth looking into.  We’re a Christian provider so no adult or inappropriate sites will be allowed.

Why host your site with CCGR.NET?

1.  Performance.  We’re only looking to host enough sites to offset the cost.  Many shared hosting plans have hundreds of sites on one server.  We’re only looking to host a few sites but if this does well, we’ll add more servers.

2.  Scalability.  We’ll grow with you, if it’s more space or bandwidth you need, we’ll work with you.

3.  Security.  We feel confident with our server setup.  We do weekly offsite backups to offer peace of mind.

4.  Affordability.  Although we may not be the cheapest host out there, our prices are very reasonable and the money goes toward a good cause.  (yes I’m biased)

5.  Reliability.  Our Linux server is very reliable and it’s downtime is minimal less than 1%.  Remember our sites are hosted on this server too so it in our best interest to keep the servers down as little as possible.

What Kind of server is it? Xeon L5520 @ 2.27GHz with 1TB RAID Hard drives, 16GB RAM running Ubuntu 14.04 Linux